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1 USB packaging plastic box (for retail market)
2 USB tray clamshell (for industrial purpose)


usb packaging plastic box clamshell blister box

If you need more information, please contact with with us

For more information, please feel free to contact with us



packaging box
plastic box
clamshell box

blister pack
blister box
blister clamshell 

USB packaging
USB packaging box
USB plastic box
USB box
USB clamshell
USB clamshell box

USB blister
USB blister pack
USB blister box
USB blister clamshell 
USB container
USB tray

usb drive packaging
usb drive packaging box
usb drive plastic box
usb drive box
usb drive clamshell
usb drive clamshell box

usb drive blister
usb drive blister pack
usb drive blister box
usb drive blister clamshell 
usb drive container
usb drive tray

flash drive packaging
flash drive packaging box
flash drive plastic box
flash drive box
flash drive clamshell
flash drive clamshell box

flash drive blister
flash drive blister pack
flash drive blister box
flash drive blister clamshell 
flash drive container
flash drive tray

usb flash drive packaging
usb flash drive packaging box
usb flash drive plastic box
usb flash drive box
usb flash drive clamshell
usb flash drive clamshell box

usb flash drive blister
usb flash drive blister pack
usb flash drive blister box
usb flash drive blister clamshell 
usb flash drive container
usb flash drive tray

USB Thumb packaging
USB Thumb packaging box
USB Thumb plastic box
USB Thumb box
USB Thumb clamshell
USB Thumb clamshell box

USB Thumb blister
USB Thumb blister pack
USB Thumb blister box
USB Thumb blister clamshell 
USB Thumb container
USB Thumb tray

thumb driv packaging
thumb driv packaging box
thumb driv plastic box
thumb driv box
thumb driv clamshell
thumb driv clamshell box

thumb driv blister
thumb driv blister pack
thumb driv blister box
thumb driv blister clamshell 
thumb driv container
thumb driv tray

twist usb packaging
twist usb packaging box
twist usb plastic box
twist usb box
twist usb clamshell
twist usb clamshell box

twist usb blister
twist usb blister pack
twist usb blister box
twist usb blister clamshell 
twist usb container
twist usb tray

Swivel usb packaging
Swivel usb packaging box
Swivel usb plastic box
Swivel usb box
Swivel usb clamshell
Swivel usb clamshell box

Swivel usb blister
Swivel usb blister pack
Swivel usb blister box
Swivel usb blister clamshell 
Swivel usb container
Swivel usb tray

Key usb packaging
Key usb packaging box
Key usb plastic box
Key usb box
Key usb clamshell
Key usb clamshell box

Key usb blister
Key usb blister pack
Key usb blister box
Key usb blister clamshell 
Key usb container
Key usb tray

otg drive packaging
otg drive packaging box
otg drive plastic box
otg drive box
otg drive clamshell
otg drive clamshell box
otg drive blister
otg drive blister pack
otg drive blister box
otg drive blister clamshell 
otg drive container
otg drive tray

otg packaging
otg packaging box
otg plastic box
otg box
otg clamshell
otg clamshell box
otg blister
otg blister pack
otg blister box
otg blister clamshell 
otg container
otg tray

USB 吸塑盒塑膠盒包裝包材
USB 塑膠盒
USB 塑膠殼
USB 塑膠泡殼
USB 塑膠包裝
USB 塑膠包材
USB 包裝
USB 包材
USB 抗靜電包材
USB 抗靜電包裝
USB 抗靜電盒
USB 抗靜電包裝
USB 紙卡印刷
USB 單面塑膠內襯

隨身碟 吸塑盒塑膠盒包裝包材

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